A book is a place different kinds of textbooks or reference books are sold. It is a very important place for all educated persons.most of the customers of book is book lovers of the ages.It is mostly familiar to the students.Generally book shop is seen beside any educational institute like school,college and university.beside them,it is found in a stationery market place.In a book shop different shelves which are nicely arranged.It  is seen that the books are categorized according to the types from a book shop,we can textbooks,storybooks,novels,dictionaries,science friction books,pens,pencils,rubbers and rulers etc.we can also get binding paper,color paper,graph paper and hand notes on different publishers. Generally in a book shop,there are a manager and one or two book sellers who always serve the customers.Infact ,a book shop always plays an important role for the reders and mostly the students.

now a days all people are preferring online book purchase it is easy to  see all types books available in the store.easy to get home delivery.

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3)STORYTEL:-Storytel was founded in 2005 by Jonas Tellander and Jon Hauksson. After the merge with Massolit Förlagsgrupp 2015 the company was listed on the stock market (Aktietorget). Today The Storytel Group consists out of two business areas, Streaming and Publishing. Streaming is a subscription based service, offering audiobooks and e-books under the Storytel brand. The service is currently available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Holland, Russia, Spain and India. Streaming also includes Mofibo, available in Denmark.

4)TEXT BOOKS:-Testbook decided to walk the last mile in achieving digital accessibility in every remote corner of the country. Partnering with local classrooms, Textbook empowered teachers to build online test centres in every street of the country. Testbook is  No.1 website for Online Exam Preparation. Practice Free Mock Tests with Best Quality Questions Based on Latest Pattern & Syllabus.